Building Browser Based MMOs

In this lecture: “Mike Grundvig, CTO of Electrotank, and Jobe Makar, author of recently published “Actionscript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds,” discuss some of the biggest challenges a development team may face during this process, as well as specific, targeted solutions to address these issues.”

This is a really excellent presentation.

MIT – Introduction to Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has put the entire set of lectures from their 2008 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming class up on youTube!  I have watched these first two and they are very very good. The entire course, complete with assigments can be found here.  Thank you MIT!!!

If this is of interest to you, you may want to also take a gander at an earlier post featuring a free course from Stanford.

Zbrush Tutorials

(image by "e338" from Creative Crash)

Well, I’ve been trying to beef up my 3D portfolio and have decided that to really shine, I’m going to need to get friendly with either Zbrush or Mudbox.

So I stumbled onto TONS of fabulous Zbrush tutorials posted by Zbrush3Dinfo.  Thanks Zbrush3Dinfo!  I’ve posted a few, but visit the youTube site for loads more neatly organized into playlists.

If you are not familiar with Zbrush, it is a pretty excellent tool. It allows you to import a 3D model (or build one in the program) and build super-duper fine detail into the model. It actually has a bunch of other cool features including the ability to paint right on the 3D model regardless of how the UVs are laid out. Visit the product website here.

I am a little less familiar with Mudbox, but has some similar functionality – and is made by Autodesk, the same company that makes Maya and 3D Studio Max.  Visit the Mudbox website here.