Change is Scary

Big things are afoot for Interstellar Tortoise!  We’ll be showing our game Threads of Reality on August 3rd at DC Indie Fest and taking this as a a catalyst for a number of other exciting changes.

This site will be changing over the course of the next few months, focusing more on the games being developed in-house.

Pepper Spraying Cop

The pepper spraying cop has become a meme.

This makes me appreciate the positive aspects of living in an age with such immediate communication technology. Not only can one person’s douchebaggery be shared – but that communities can use humor to ease tension, and share that as well.





I was first alerted to the PROTECT IP Act today by many posts of a video (below) on facebook. 

It is a little hard to figure out what this would mean for the internet as a whole if passed.  The viewpoints seem pretty divided – from The Washington Post taking an endorsing stance (as signed by ‘Editorial’) to  The New York Times publishing a negative stance (as written by ‘REBECCA MacKINNON’). 

An illegal download does not equal a lost sale, and this seems like an alarming way to deal with the issue.  Well, kind of deal with the issue – since most of the documentation indicates that the nefarious sites can be accessed through a direct IP address.

**Update – here are the links to the actual documents so that you can be the judge:

Below is the video that introduced me to this bill:

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Zbrush model WIP

Hello!  I’ve been having a great time learning my way through Zbrush – thought I would post what I have so far.  The texture still needs a lot of work.  At the bottom, you can also see the base mesh and UV layout I created in Maya – which was the starting point for Zbrush.

Games Gateway: Start Your Engines…Games Showcase


Hello folks!  I’m going to show my game Threads of Reality  at a Games Showcase in D.C. tomorrow night.  I get a whopping 5 minutes to present, and I was thinking to whittle it down to a talk on how the game evolved through playtesting – super useful to emphesize for almost all types of games.  The showcase is taking place at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in case you want to come see me (and other game developers) speak.

My Life: The Game

Hello there, I’ve been wrestling with motivation lately – particularly with staying on track… So in true game developer fashion I made a game to help me keep focused on the things I need to accomplish.  Basically it works like an RPG character sheet and as I post in my accomplishments it automatically gives me a ‘level – up’.  

You can use this for yourself if you are interested (although right now the inputs available are somewhat specific to my goals).    It will only keep track of your numbers at one computer at a time — so you need to add in your input from the same computer each time. 

This is a bit of a work in process and at some juncture I expect to add more bells and whistles to make input and leveling up more satisfying.  AND it still has a bunch of bugs..  I am thinking that this should be functional online by the end of the day.

Give it a whirl here!