Who Are We?

Interstellar Tortoise LLC is an indie game studio based in the suburbs of Washington DC, consisting of Evil Dan Silber and Cabot Goldstein.

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Evil Dan Silber comes from a background in visual art with certification in making pretty pictures.  After school he had accidental exposure to game development causing a chain reaction of unintentional obsessiveness altering the course of career.

Evil Dan has worked as an Artist or Animator on roughly a dozen commercial games of varying quality and has built several more independently – also of varying quality.  Over time Evil Dan has obtained a core level of competency with programming and enjoys coding topless.

You can see more of Evil’s work at his personal website –  www.dansilber.com

creepyguyPortraitCabot Goldstein is a nocturnal and nefarious individual who fell into game development by accident.  Although considered among many to be an engineering genius, he is very quiet and modest by nature.

When not coding, Cabot’s interests include game hunting, hiking, and napping.  Mr. Goldstein may or may not be Evil.