titleScreen4bPixel Guy: Cursed is currently in development.  Here are some of features and improvements from the last iteration that I’m psyched about:

  • – Many new and exciting mechanics!
  • – Support for Xbox 360 controller
    – HTML5 based, so it should run in more environments
    – Tighter player controls and collision detection
    – Save game function


Pixel Guy's Quest

Pixel Guy’s Quest was our first actual completed game project.  There are 36 levels in all, and the game is hard.

It is free to play – click on the image and you give it a whirl.

We are currently having a lot of fun building the sequal, which should be completed soon.



Rogue That Widget was done as a bit of a conceptual piece.  The player works in a factory and has to remove faulty widgets as their job in the game.

This game does the opposite of what most games do:  As time goes on, the challenge decreases, making the game more and more boring.  

Problematic units occur less and less frequently, making the time it takes to complete this game an absolute grind.  There is an ending to the game, but we doubt that anyone has ever seen it.  Click the image to play the game.  I dare you.



One Blocky Room was built for Ludum Dare #26 Theme: Minimalism.

Click the image to play the game.  It can be completed in less than a minute.  Literally.




Threads of Reality – Many indie developers begin their career with a game that is too big for their ability.  Often this will be a huge effort of time and focus but will be abandoned before completion.  That was this game in a nutshell.

Threads was entered in IGF 2010 and got decent feedback. The game has a lot of complexity, and some day we will come back to it and build a proper architecture that can support it’s weight.

Click on the image to read more details about the gameplay and to play build of the game.