Big things are afoot for Interstellar Tortoise!  We’ll be showing our game Threads of Reality on August 3rd at DC Indie Fest and taking this as a a catalyst for a number of other exciting changes.

This site will be changing over the course of the next few months, focusing more on the games being developed in-house.

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New Crytek Engine


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Cool Science

Look at the nifty stuff that is happening these days:

This is pretty amazing:

And this… well… this is almost unreal. It will be interesting to see whether this ends up being genuine. 
Swedes create light from absolute nothingness:

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The pepper spraying cop has become a meme.

This makes me appreciate the positive aspects of living in an age with such immediate communication technology. Not only can one person’s douchebaggery be shared – but that communities can use humor to ease tension, and share that as well.




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Building Browser Based MMOs

In this lecture: “Mike Grundvig, CTO of Electrotank, and Jobe Makar, author of recently published “Actionscript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds,” discuss some of the biggest challenges a development team may face during this process, as well as specific, targeted solutions to address these issues.”

This is a really excellent presentation.

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Harvey Smith

As part of Warren Spector’s course at the University of Texas, Harvey Smith (then Creative Director, Midway Austin) gives a wonderfully earnest presentation about his experiences breaking into and working within the game industry.

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Cactus has just released another (free) game called ‘Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf‘.

There is something about this guy’s games that really inspires me; it is that you can make a game about anything.  A game doesn’t have to be logical, nor does it have to use proper language.  A game doesn’t even have to be good!

I remember the first time I felt this way about a medium — it was after reading the first book that turned me on to reading as a child:  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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Warren Spector Teaches a Class

I’ve stumbled across this course that Warren Spector is teaching at the University of Texas.  He is very articulate and I respect his perspective a lot, although don’t frequently share his view of game development.  Well worth watching, and more can be found here.

Thanks for posting, Warren!

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I was first alerted to the PROTECT IP Act today by many posts of a video (below) on facebook. 

It is a little hard to figure out what this would mean for the internet as a whole if passed.  The viewpoints seem pretty divided – from The Washington Post taking an endorsing stance (as signed by ‘Editorial’) to  The New York Times publishing a negative stance (as written by ‘REBECCA MacKINNON’). 

An illegal download does not equal a lost sale, and this seems like an alarming way to deal with the issue.  Well, kind of deal with the issue – since most of the documentation indicates that the nefarious sites can be accessed through a direct IP address.

**Update – here are the links to the actual documents so that you can be the judge:

Below is the video that introduced me to this bill:

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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Hello!  I’ve been having a great time learning my way through Zbrush – thought I would post what I have so far.  The texture still needs a lot of work.  At the bottom, you can also see the base mesh and UV layout I created in Maya – which was the starting point for Zbrush.

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